Retrieve a Golden of Minnesota: RAGOM is a 501(c)(3) organization, rescuing Golden Retrievers and re-homing them through adoption since 1985.  Serving Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota and South Dakota.

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RAGOM Events
Please stop by and visit with us. We would love to tell you all about RAGOM.

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4th Annual RAGOM
Garage Sale

Thursday, August 25,  through
Saturday, August 27, 2016
Inver Grove Heights, MN*
*Official location to be announced later

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When a RAGOM Dog Goes Missing

We have a saying: "Once a RAGOM dog, always a RAGOM dog."  We care deeply about the dogs we have rescued. That's why we want to help if your RAGOM dog ever goes missing. In fact, we created a team of volunteers - the Lost Dog Rapid Response team (LDRR) - just to ensure a quick, efficient response.

Help! My RAGOM dog ran away! What do I do?
If you've lost sight of your dog, call RAGOM immediately at 612-547-9004.

The LDRR will gather information from you and provide some tips on what to do next. While you are searching for your dog, they can call local authorities and begin preparing flyers and signs in case they are needed for an extended search.

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Introducing Goldzilla 2016!
Goldzilla 2016

RAGOM's annual Walk for Rescue and Fun Fest is coming up soon! We hope you'll join us on Sunday, September 11th at Long Lake Regional Park in New Brighton for a fun-filled day to benefit the dogs in RAGOM's care. This year's event is shaping up to be our best, and most fun yet! Save the date on your calendar, check out our new Goldzilla website , register today, and start earning great prizes!

Special Fundraising Campaign to Help Durango

Durango 16-092 is about as sweet as they come. He's a tug-of-war playing, snuggling, constant tail-wagging ball of puppy love. He's also in need of a special surgery to save one of his legs.

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July 20th Update - Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we have raised enough money for Durango to get the surgery he needs!  He had a consultation with the specialist, and his surgery is scheduled for July 27th.  We'll be sure to provide an update on him in the coming weeks!

A Tribute to Walter

There is no question that RAGOM's generous and steadfast fosters, volunteers and sponsors love each and every dog that passes through their care. But some dogs make an even greater impresson among those who meet and care for them. One such dog was Walter, who arrived this spring from Turkey.

Walter was estimated to be 8-10 years old. He had been living in a Turkish shelter and was in very poor health. The kind shelter workers begged volunteers in Turkey to take him, as shelter life was too hard on this senior gentleman and they were not able to provide him with the veterinary care he needed.

A wonderful Turkish woman fostered him and began to restore his health and his spirit while she looked for a rescue organization to take him.

RAGOM knew we could give Walter the care he needed, and although there were many younger Turkish dogs in need, we could not leave him behind.

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RAGOM Gives a 2nd Chance to Dogs Living in Hoarding Conditions

In March, RAGOM learned about 11 dogs who had been living in a hoarding situation. The dogs were in terrible shape -- without enough food and water, each was severely underweight. IV fluids and nutrition were required.

Knowing these dogs were in need of physical and emotional care, we knew we had to help. Transport was quickly arranged, supplies were gathered, and 11 families volunteered to foster the dogs. It was an amazing display of RAGOM's ability to mobilize and act at a moment's notice. Because of the kindness of so many, these dogs were able to receive a second chance.

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July 20th Update - Alana, Braden, Cait, Declan, Garret, and Hanna have all been adopted! Eamon, Finnbar, Iona, Janette and Fuzzy are still waiting for their forever homes to find them. Please consider welcoming one of them into your home!

More Special Deliveries have Arrived!

This spring, RAGOM is eager to welcome some special deliveries into our care -  rescued Golden
Retrievers, from the country of Turkey, where they are languishing on the streets and in overcrowded shelters. 

6/16/2016 - Dickie arrives from Turkey.

5/20/2016 - We welcome Micky, Elsa and Simba to America and RAGOM!

4/08/2016 - RAGOM brought 12 more Turkish dogs home to Minnesota!

For these dogs it has been an extraordinary, life-changing journey. In Turkey, there are over 100,000 stray dogs in the city of Istanbul, living in municipal shelters, city streets, and in the forests, where they struggle for food and shelter. Approximately 1,000 of these are Golden Retrievers.

Last fall and earlier this spring, we successfully rescued 19 Turkish dogs, almost all of whom have already found loving homes. Thanks to you, these dogs received a second chance.

This is quite an undertaking for us.  We need to raise over $21,500 to cover the dogs' travel and medical expenses.   Please consider a donation to help with this important mission.

Read more about our Spring 2016 Turkey Dog Mission...

RAGOM Celebrates 31 Years of Rescuing and Rehoming

February 14th marks RAGOM's 31st Anniversary of rescuing and rehoming Golden Retrievers and Golden Mixes and here's where it all started...

31 years ago today, a beautiful 9-month-old Golden Retriever languished in a kennel in a rural animal shelter, unaware of her pending fate. She had no name, no home, just a collar and a kennel card marked in red: "Scheduled for euthanasia, 3:30 today."

On a chance visit to the shelter that day, Ardis Brown noticed the young Golden. Moved by her dire plight, she called her friend, Jane Nygaard. "Could anything be done?" she asked. The answer was firm. "Get that dog out of there" Jane said.

Because Jane was unavailable, she instructed Ardis to take the dog to Twin Cities Obedience Training Club, where Jane's husband Hank Nygaard was attending a seminar. There were no cell phones in those days, so Jane left a message for Hank at the club desk: "Ardis is bringing you a female Golden. Bring her home."

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