Retrieve a Golden of Minnesota: RAGOM is a 501(c)(3) organization, rescuing Golden Retrievers and re-homing them through adoption since 1985.  Serving Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota and South Dakota.

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What's Coming Up
Please stop by and visit with us. We would love to tell you all about RAGOM.

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RAGOM Needs Your Help!

RAGOM needs YOU.

We are all about rescuing and rehoming Goldens but we need YOU to help us! RAGOM rehomes hundreds of Golden Retrievers each year, and there has never been a better time to adopt your special friend.

Currently, we have more than 60 beautiful senior and special needs dogs awaiting their forever homes and more coming in almost every day. Consider making a senior or special needs dog's life "golden". Sometimes they can be a little more work or a little more cost but it is so rewarding to welcome one of these special dogs into your life.

But, they can't find that special family without meeting YOU. And, they can't meet you if you don't come out to one of our events, fall in love and apply. Won't you please consider filling out an application and becoming the next proud owner of a special Golden from RAGOM. Our seniors and special needs dogs need YOU now!

Will You Be My Valentine?
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Is there a special RAGOM foster dog who tugs at your heartstrings? Send a little love his or her way with a Virtual Valentine!

Your Virtual Valentine will appear on the bio page of your favorite RAGOM dog along with a short message from you.

To purchase your Virtual Valentine icon, visit the RAGOM Shop.

Want to Adopt? We have Dogs Available!

Are you looking to add one of our dogs to your patient and loving home? All of our dogs are available for adoption!

Our adoption process, which has changed slightly, includes:

  • Filling out an Inquiry form telling us about yourself, your home, and your family
  • Working with a Placement Advisor to connect to the dog of your dreams!
  • Working with a foster home to determine if its the right fit, for you and for the dog
  • Completing a formal application and paying a $25 fee
  • Having a RAGOM volunteer complete a home visit with you and your family
  • A meeting with the dog (including all of your family members and resident dogs) at the foster's home
  • Signing paperwork and paying an adoption fee

If you are ready to adopt now and interested in adopting one of our dogs, please click on the Adoption tab on the main menu to learn more about and to start the adoption process.

Thank you for considering adoption! Adoption saves lives and is rewarding!

Special Delivery! Dogs from Turkey coming to RAGOM!

The dogs from Turkey have arrived!

On October 16th, a team of RAGOM volunteers met a special arrival at the Chicago airport. 15 Golden Retrievers, rescued from the streets, forests, and shelters of Istanbul, Turkey, disembarked. Weary from their long journey, RAGOM welcomed them to their new life in America.

In Turkey, there are an estimated 50,000 stray dogs living on city streets and in the forests. Approximately 500 of these are Golden Retrievers. We felt compelled by our mission, and our hearts, to help despite the cost of approximately $30,000 to get the dogs here.

Our first mission was so successful that we are planning another rescue mission in the Spring of 2016. If you are interested in helping us with this initiative, please consider making a donation.

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Read more about all of these special dogs or check them out on our Available Dogs page.

RAGOM Celebrates 30 Years with Updates on Annie, Spirit and Hope

Spirit, Hope, Annie

Three special RAGOM rescues:
Spirit, Hope and Annie

In 1985, Hank and Jane Nygaard rescued a golden retriever from being euthanized at a shelter and found her a forever home. This rescue turned into RAGOM, and in 30 years, the organization has rescued and re-homed more than 8,000 Goldens and Golden mixes.

Each dog rescued is undoubtedly special, but a few have tugged on the heart strings extra hard. Here’s an update on Spirit, Hope (now Haley) and Annie — 3 dogs that have overwhelmingly captured RAGOM’s enduring mission.

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When a RAGOM Dog Goes Missing

We have a saying: “Once a RAGOM dog, alway a RAGOM dog.” We care deeply about the dogs we have rescued. That's why we want to help if your RAGOM dog ever goes missing. In fact, we created a team of volunteers—the Lost Dog Rapid Response team (LDRR)—just to ensure a quick, efficient response.

Help! My RAGOM dog ran away! What do I do?

If you've lost sight of your dog, call RAGOM immediately at 612-547-9004. The LDRR will gather information from you and provide some tips on what to do next. While you are searching for your dog, they can call local authorities and begin preparing flyers and signs in case they are needed for an extended search.

Is this a new phone number for RAGOM?

The 612-547-9004 number is only for reporting lost dogs. It is actually a Google Voice number programmed to ring four key members of the LDRR simultaneously, ensuring that they never miss a call. Also, text messages are sent to all core team members at once, and they can check voicemails and call history online.

I'm afraid to report a lost dog. Will RAGOM take my dog away from me?

No. Losing a dog can happen to anyone. We just want to help you bring your dog home safely and quickly.

It is RAGOM's policy to implant a microchip into each dog we rescue and both RAGOM and the adopter's contact information is registered with the microchip company. Adopters should ensure that RAGOM has their current contact information on file so RAGOM can keep the microchip registration current and contact you should your dog ever be found. If you move, or change phone numbers (home, cell, work), please let us know by emailing your new contact information to . In the event that your dog is found, and RAGOM is unable to contact you, your dog will be picked up by a RAGOM volunteer and be kept safe until you are contacted and can be reunited with your dog.

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