An Amazing Journey from Istanbul, Turkey to Minnesota

An Amazing Journey from Istanbul, Turkey to Minnesota

Nine Golden Retrievers recently arrived in Minnesota after traveling more than 5,000 miles

This is a follow up to the article originally published on April 2, 2018: Nine Golden Retrievers in Turkey Need Our Help.

RAGOM welcomed its nine newest members on Saturday, April 21. Just days ago, these dogs were living in the country of Turkey, struggling to survive on their own in the forests and on the streets of Istanbul. Municipal shelters are overcrowded and few people are interested in adopting.

RAGOM learned of the plight of Turkish Goldens in 2015, and began efforts to rescue as many dogs as possible. This is the sixth group of Turkish dogs RAGOM has rescued.

The nine dogs flew from Istanbul to Chicago where they were greeted by a team of volunteers. After a break to eat, play, and get their kennels cleaned, they were driven to Minnesota.

Jess 18-062TD enjoys a belly rug in the sunshine.
George 18-055TD
George 18-055TD sets foot in Minnesota.
Jess & Shuster RAGOM adopted golden retrievers
Jess 18-062TD probably doesn't need to tell Shuster 18-060 that he's a lucky boy.

Another team of volunteers welcomed the dogs into RAGOM’s care. The dogs were bathed, and their RAGOM paperwork was completed. Between their welcome activities and meeting their foster families, the dogs had time to play and enjoy lots of belly rubs and attention.

Mikaela 18-057TD
Mikaela 18-057TD relaxes during her bath.
Foster a golden Retriever today from RAGOM
All of the dogs enjoyed the attention of volunteers who transported them from Chicago and greeted them in Minnesota.

The dogs have all settled into their foster homes. They will be available for adoption when their foster families have gotten to know them and determined the type of family and home situation that best suits each dog. Watch our Adoptable Dogs page for their dog bios and requirements to be posted.

To learn more about the Golden Retrievers in Turkey and RAGOM’s efforts to rescue them, see our International Outreach Dogs page.

A reporter from the Star Tribune also covered the dog’s arrival in Minnesota. Read the article and view the photo gallery.

On behalf of all of us at RAGOM, thank you to everyone who contributed to make these dogs’ amazing journey possible. You made many Goldens smile!

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