People.com Highlights RAGOM's International Outreach Efforts in China
June 17, 2019
Donors, volunteers, foster homes, and our partners are all crucial to RAGOM’s mission in the U.S. and other countries.  read more
Begin Flea and Tick Prevention Now to Prevent Disease
May 31, 2019
Update: Golden boy Marty has died of kidney failure due to Lyme disease and anaplasmosis, both preventable tick-borne diseases.  read more
From Lonely to Loved—Mama Has Been Rescued
May 29, 2019
RAGOM returns to China to rescue Mama, the dog we had to leave behind in March. Four more dogs were also saved.  read more
Remember Mama in China?
May 11, 2019
RAGOM has the opportunity to rescue Mama and four more dogs.  read more
Ava's Puppies
May 8, 2019
Shortly after entering RAGOM’s care, Ava's foster mom noticed changes in Ava’s demeanor. Surprise—Ava was pregnant.  read more
Eye Infections and Injuries Require Prompt Veterinary Care
May 2, 2019
Eye medication often needs to be applied several times daily. Learn about stress-free application of eye drops and ointment.  read more
RAGOM rescues nine Turkish dogs—including Caddy, who is blind
April 30, 2019
RAGOM rescues nine Turkish dogs—including Caddy, a blind senior dog who was at risk of being returned to the streets.  read more
Help Keep Blind Dog Caddy off the Streets
April 23, 2019
Imagine if you were a senior dog—and blind—trying to survive alone on the streets.  read more
Sully the therapy dog
March 17, 2019
Life as a RAGOM dog is a far cry from his days living on the streets of Istanbul, fighting for scraps of food or even his life.  read more
Rescues Dogs from China’s Meat Trade
March 8, 2019
After rescue from slaugherhouses, the only hope for these dogs is finding homes in other countries like the United States.  read more
Dayle S. with Tannin (Hamilton 18-056TD) and Sadie (15-157)
February 20, 2019
Parting with dogs you foster can be difficult, but finding their ideal forever homes is both rewarding and necessary to our mission.  read more